Hello, I am Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell

I am passionate about enabling people to fulfill their potential. This is why I created Medzan Training, a company that shows my customers how to use Bantu life philosophy as inspiration to improve themselves and achieve their goals in 6 easy steps.

“Never mind your customers, how has this Bantu life philosophy helped you fulfill your potential and achieve your goals?” I can hear you ask.

So, at the risk of revealing that I am no longer a spring chicken, I will tell you that for over 30 years now, I have been following the personal and professional development programme inspired by the Bantu life philosophy that I created to achieve all my goals. This programme enabled me to overcome my attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obtain top academic marks in Cameroon, where I was born. It helped me beat the linguistic barrier when I arrived in Spain in 1994, as an illegal migrant who could barely utter a few words in Spanish. It did so to the extent that by the time I left in 2002, I had several degrees and diplomas from the Complutense University of Madrid, including a Master of Philosophy, and many pieces of writing published in Spanish.

This programme also helped me when I arrived (legally) in the UK in 2002. I could hardly speak English then. But within a few years, I had managed to work for several high profile organisations; create an educational charity; publish several essays, short stories and books in English, and gain access to mainstream UK media, while also having and raising my 2 children -including one who, despite inheriting my ADHD, is currently thriving at a grammar school.

Furthermore, this programme enabled me to overcome the sudden death of my mentor and godfather of my daughter, Dr. Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem. He was killed in a traffic accident in 2009, at the young age of 48. His disappearance affected me so much that for a while, I took refuge in eating and became obese. But within a year, I had pulled myself together, and lost dozens of kilos, going from size 20 to my current size 8.

My 6-step programme has never let me down in terms of boosting my self-confidence, determination and resilience, and propelling me towards the achievement of my goals. Indeed, it has proved effective and successful so many times that I now call it my roadmap to success. Don’t take my word for it and please, don’t think I am a braggart, just consider this: I won the 2013 Diaspora Award for Leadership and Education; I was also short-listed as Career Woman of the Year and Role Model of the Year in 2013 Women for Africa Awards, and a finalist for the 2014 Achievers Awards in the category of Excellence in the Diaspora.

In addition, I am a fellow of the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative, and a fellow of the Diaspora Change Makers Network. I recently served as non-executive director of the diplomatic consultancy Grassroots Diplomat, and advisory board member of the British Awards for Africa’s Development. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and several African languages, and I have produced articles and comments for numerous media including The Guardian, BBC, We Are the City, Vox Africa, TV5 Monde, The Huffington Post, Ben TV, The Sunday Times, The Times, AllAfrica.Com and Africa Briefing.   

Contact me and I promise to help you too achieve your goals!