Mr Keith Boyfield, CEO of the City firm Keith Boyfield Associates

The leadership courses that Medzan Training offers to businesses are excellent, carefully personalised, and extremely effective. They will, without a doubt, prove to be a very good investment for all business leaders seeking to improve their individual or collective productivity, motivation, team-building, and social capital.

Ms Silvana Stoicescu, Researcher

Having completed an MA at a very prestigious UK university, I was expecting everything to be plain sailing in terms of my professional and personal ambitions. But I soon realised that my academic achievements did not count for much in the real world. The self-development programme of Ms Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell is what has enabled me to become more effective, confident and resourceful. Her coaching gave me the opportunity to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Mr Henry Bonsu, Journalist and International Broadcaster

I have known Ms Aboa-Bradwell and worked with her on leadership and other projects for nearly a decade now. She has always been very professional, competent and reliable. As a leadership and self-development trainer, she is outstanding with a wide variety of individuals and groups including business executives, professionals, and young people.